Our law firm was founded in November 2015 as „Császár Law Firm” by Mátyás Császár dr. jur. PhD after having left his previous law firm founded by him also and two of his collegaues. Our firm is specialized in civil law, corporate law, private international law and international commercial law. We give our clients professional legal advice. Furthurmore we represent our clients in business matters, legal procedures and on behalf of them we are in connection with their partners, courts, authorities and our collegaues.

We have not only Hungarian but also foreigner clients, mainly Italian natural and legal people, besides, Spanish, Belgian, German, Israeli and Rumanian clients as well. Mr. Császár works together with a highly educated trainee lawyer ensuring the quick and effective work.
During our job we consider our clients and their demands to be the most important and the first. Consequently we always keep in mind to be well-prepared, punctual and give professional treatments and try to live up to the expectations one forms against an attorney bearing the confidence of the public.

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